Cindy Koepp

Writing on the Edge

It all started when...

While growing up, I read everything I could.  Mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, the back of the cereal box during breakfast, all of it was fair game.

Then I reached middle school, and someone suggested I try writing my own stories.  So I did.  Like a lot of newbie writers, I played around with fan-fiction, keeping it just for my friends and me.  A wild idea came to me to try to write something original and get it published.
I tried on and off for many years.  First, I tried short stories, then I moved on and wrote some shorter novels.  Finally, I figured out how to hammer together a coherent plot that got up to the normal length for a novel.

Now I have novels out through Under the Moon Publishing, PDMI Publishing, and Splashdown Books, short stories in anthologies, a few self-published books for educators, and a serial published through JukePop Serials.  New novels have contracts with a few small presses, another couple anthologies will have some of my short stories, and I'm working with Final Sword Productions, to make a role playing game related to Remnant in the Stars.

God has blessed my endeavors well.

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