Cindy Koepp

Writing on the Edge

Who am I, anyway?

After working tech support for a while, I combined a love of pedagogy and ecology into a 14-year career as an elementary science specialist. After teaching four-footers - that's height, not leg count - I pursued a Master's in Adult Learning with a specialization in Performance Improvement. My published works include science fiction novels, a fantasy novel, a passel of short stories, and some educator resources. When I'm not reading or writing, I'm currently working as a tech writer, hat collector, quilter, crafter, and weird joke teller.

Where can you find my work?

I'm glad you asked. The easiest way to scare up everything I have published...

My Amazon Author Page

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What's next?

My current works in progress include

  • Animal Eye: the Comic Book. (That's right! We're turning Animal Eye into a comic book miniseries. I have the script of part 1 written and with the publisher for editing.)
  • A Suitable Arrangement, the sequel to Lines of Succession (still being drafted ... getting closer!!)
  • Doc Saga "When the Chameleon Sings", a novella in an anthology (at the publisher for editing)

Other works in the planning stages include
  • A tabletop RPG based on Animal Eye
  • The (currently untitled) third book in the Remnant in the Stars series
  • The (currently untitled) sequel to Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo
  • For the Glory of Tsidkenu, the sequel to Animal Eye
  • Training Ground, a sci-fi GameLit novel
  • Heart of Sacrifice, a fantasy novel
  • City of Refuge, a sci-fi novel
  • Weapons Plant, an RPG scenario
  • Colonization, a teacher resource
  • Animal Eye Expansion Packs: Other Worlds
  • Animal Eye Mini-Quests

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