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It's all a game ... or is it?


Animal Eye: A bird and her boy and a dog and his baron seek the source of maniacal killers.

In progress! Stay tuned for more news!

Short stories:

"Siren" in Warrior's Tribute: Lyra uses music to help her team succeed.

Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

"Feeling Swamped" in Rise and Rescue: Leif and his friends run to the rescue of low-level players in a damaged sector of the game before the AI loses its mind.

Proceeds go to WIRES, a rescue group for the Australia Wildfire Rescue efforts.

"Seeking What's Lost" in Mythic Orbits 2: J'Nia tests her contest entry for a programming contest and finds that the AI gets a little too personal.

Mythic Orbits is a mixed-genre anthology.

"Fall of the Invincible Man" in Avatars of Web Surfer: A group of arrogant gamers encounter a game known to be fatal.

Avatars of Web Surfer is a mixed-genre anthology.